Whispers in the Mind

Wanda Maximoff was in the Avengers Facility in Upstate New York. She wasn’t in her room reading or writing. She wasn’t playing her guitar or watching television. She was in the practice facility testing her power.

HYDRA soldiers came at her from all sides threatening to “kill her” and end the simulation but she was easily more powerful than all of them.

Red light seeped from her fingers and coalesced into different forms. Some of the soldiers were simply tossed here and there while others were struck with balls of energy that sent them flying.

She twirled and danced on the virtual reality floor as she held her own against the AI attackers.

And then she saw Ultron. Could hear his caressing voice in her mind.

We could’ve saved the world.

She took a step back as she placed a hand to the side of her head.

Together we would’ve been unstoppable.

“Get out of my head!” she screamed.

Suddenly the room transformed into the appearance of Sokovia on the day when everything had changed for her. The day she had lost her brother, Pedro Maximoff. The AI HYDRA soldiers were now Ultron bots staring at her with their intelligent blue eyes.

What? Are you afraid to hear the truth? Are you afraid to embrace the power that you have inside of you? 

“The only thing I’m afraid of,” she said through clenched teeth, “is myself right now.”

She could hear his laughter in her head. I believe you, Scarlet Witch.

Her eyes widened. That title, Scarlet Witch, was what the HYDRA scientists had nicknamed after she displayed her frightening powers. She hated that name.

Her eyes began to glow red. She raised her hands, crimson light wrapping around her fingers, before bringing her arms down with a scream full of anguish and anger. Crimson power poured out of her, decimating everything in the virtual reality scene before her and shutting down the simulation.

She stood in the middle of the blank room, tears streaming down her face. Her breaths were shaky and her hands quivered.


She looked over and saw Vision approaching her, a look of concern on his face.

“Wanda, are you alright?” he asked as he reached her.

She looked up at him. “I need a drink.”



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