The Stormtroopers: Part 5

And the Story Continues

As FN-3043 rose to his feet FN-1217 and 2358 exchanged surprised glances.

With a smile, FN-2358 flicked a strand of dark hair out of her eyes.

Securing a firm grip on her blaster she said, “You’re scaring me FN-3043…but I like it.”

FN-1217 chuckled. “And I thought I was the tough one.”

An explosion in the near distance shook the ground and lit up the night.

FN-3043 waved at them.

“Come on!” he yelled.

They ran back toward the fighting zone where they found stormtrooper corpses littered with pockmarks.

“Stop here,” FN-3043 commanded. “We need to replace our helmets.”

FN-1217 nodded. “Good idea.”

The first rule as a stormtrooper was to never remove or be seen without a helmet unless in his or her quarters.

It was a harsh rule that if disobeyed could garner brutal consequences.

When the troopers’ helmets were restored they charged forward into the nearby fray.

Laser fire darted across the battleground in what felt like all directions, making the scene all the more chaotic.

But FN-3043 was not fazed.

And neither was FN-1217 and FN-2358.

As they huddled behind a partly burning First Order transport FN-1217 was the first to speak.

“You remember what they taught us in training?”

FN-3043 gasped in understanding.


FN-1217 nodded. “Exactly.”

“You think that’ll work?” FN-2358 asked.

1217 dipped his head. “I think so.”

2358 brought her blaster up her chest. “Then let’s do it.”

With cries of defiance, they emerged from hiding and began the drill.

FN-3043 stood to the left.

FN-1217 knelt in the middle.

And FN-2358 stood to the right.

Together they sent a barrage of blaster fire that caught the enemy completely unaware.

Natives were downed and their allies were sent retreating, at least momentarily.

FN-3043 laughed.

“It worked!” he said.

And then there was a sound.

The sound of a giant footstep.

The troopers looked up in dismay as a gigantic creature with talons ten feet long and a maw large enough to devour a small house stepped forth.

With a mighty roar that shook the air FN-3043 whimpered.

“Hatukga,” was all he could whisper.

To Be Continued…


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