A Mission Fulfilled

Jyn Erso supported Cassian’s weight as she led him to the elevator away from the potential danger the flying TIE Fighters presented as they zipped by overhead. Cassian was wounded and their situation was dire but there was a sense of joy that kept a small smile on his face.

She pressed the button and helped him into the elevator where they could be safe at least for a short while. As the elevator jolted to life and began descending Jyn looked up at Cassian.

A light pulsated in the darkness, allowing enough light so that she could see his face.

He gazed at her with a soft expression. An expression unlike any that he had ever given her before. Her heart fluttered.

“Jyn, I…” he began quietly.

“I know,” she interjected with a smile. “We did it.”

He smiled and nodded. There was a sudden pause of awkward silence as they gazed into each other’s eyes before Cassian leaned down, pressing his forehead against hers and closing his eyes.

“Yes,” he said. “We did it.”


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