Thor was almost dead.

Etri the dwarf was running off to find a handle.

And Groot was still playing games.

Rocket put a hand on Thor’s chest and snatched it back.

He could barely touch him the sun had blasted him so badly.

“Thor, come on, you can make it.”

Thor didn’t respond.

He just outstretched his hands.

Electricity began to flicker around his fingers.

Rocket narrowed his eyes just as he looked to his left.

The ax was floating, getting tugged towards Thor’s hand.

Rocket stepped back and watched Stormbreaker fly into Thor’s grasp.

Thor stood then, raising the mighty weapon over his head.

Lightning arced around him, bathing their surroundings in blue.

Rocket’s mouth hung open.

“Dang,” he said.

Groot’s eyes were wide. “I am Groot.”



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