Embarrassing Interrogation

I was in big trouble. I knew that as soon as my plane was shot from the sky. I knew that as soon as I saw the women dressed in armor and armed to the teeth with bows and arrows on the beach. And now I really knew that as those same women stood around me staring at me with such a fierce hatred it was the first time I truly felt like I was in peril.

But I could only hope that the woman, that gorgeous woman with the dark hair who I had saved, would somehow save my life in return.

As I was shoved to my knees in front of a woman who was obviously the leader I gulped. Were they about to behead me? Did I have enough time to at least tell them I wasn’t their enemy?

A woman to my left stepped forward with a rope. My eyebrows furrowed. What was she planning to do with that? And then she wrapped it around me.

My eyes widened in terror as it began to glow and suddenly it seemed like I wanted to tell them everything. My childhood. My complicated relationships. My favorite food. Everything. It was horrifying.

“Speak,” the leader woman said.

I tried to keep my mouth shut so I wouldn’t embarrass myself but I couldn’t. So, I said exactly what was on my mind.

“You all are the most amazing, beautiful, powerful, strong women I have ever seen,” I blurted. “And you.” I gestured with my head toward the woman with the dark hair who had saved my life. “I’ve never met a woman more fascinating and gorgeous in my entire life and I honestly think I’m a bit in love.”

Her lips quirked into a smile as she averted her gaze. I felt like slapping myself I was so embarrassed. The other women surrounding me looked just as uncomfortable.

The leader woman stepped forward. “Stop joking, human. Tell us who you are, where you’re from, and who the people were who tried to kill you.”

I swallowed. I could do that easily.


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