Hippolyta was silent. Silent as she rode the green, empty fields of Themyscira, the sky cloudless and bright overhead, and the grass rippling on the wind.

She cherished this quiet, for just a few days ago the world had been asunder by great mythical battles.

And now she was here. On an island hidden from the evil of the world. Where she and countless fellow women–the good of the world–could live in peace.

And quiet, she thought to herself, a grim smile coming to her face.

Even though she felt…adequate and satisfied, there was a bit of frustration. Because she knew in the future that evil would rise again. And that evil would have to be stopped by a woman stronger than it.

She placed a hand on her belly, her pregnant belly, and knew it would be the girl within her who would face that threat.

And she could do nothing to stop it.


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