What Might’ve Happened

Norra held her daughter close in her arms as the Imperial vessel’s engine rumbled to a standstill. She looked down, running her hand over her daughter’s brown hair tied back into three knots.

“Rey,” she said.

Little Rey looked up at her mother. Even though her smile was warm her eyes betrayed a hint of fear.

“Yes, mama,” she said.

“We’re here.”

Two men clothed in black gazed at her with stern expressions. Footsteps echoed on the black floor and Norra turned her gaze.

A tall wrinkled figure in a maroon robe lined with gold was the individual who the footsteps belonged to. His blue eyes pierced into hers.

“You know what you have to do,” he said, his deep voice cutting through the silence.

She nodded somberly.

The ramp to the ship opened revealing a wall of brightness that belonged to the sunlit landscape outside. She took her daughter’s hand and together they walked down that ramp onto a dreadfully hot desert planet.

Waiting for them was a putrid alien clothed in dirty garments that barely fit his bloated body. A disgusting snarl rested on his face as he watched them approach. Norra heard footsteps behind her and glanced back. The two men dressed in black were following close behind. Her eyebrows furrowed. She had a bad feeling about this.

The hulking alien looked at Little Rey before averting his gaze to the two men behind her. “Is this the girl?” he rumbled.

One of the men responded curtly, “Yes.”

Before she could react the alien’s massive hand tore Rey from her grasp. Her daughter screamed. Norra lunged to grab her but the two men clasped her from behind and began to drag her backward.

“Rey!” she screamed. “Rey!”

“Mama!” Little Rey cried as she struggled in the alien’s grasp. “Mama!”

Norra kicked and writhed but to no avail. Before she knew it she was being dragged backward up the Imperial vessel’s ramp.

“Rey!” she screamed one more time as the ramp began to close.

The last thing she heard of her daughter’s voice was her screaming, “No! Come back!” before the ramp completely clamped shut.

She banged on the door but she couldn’t knock it open even as hard as she tried. The ship’s motor rumbled into existence and within a few seconds the ship was off to a new destination.

She fell to her knees, sobbing uncontrollably as the nightmare she hoped wouldn’t come evolved into fruition. Footsteps approached and she knew it was the man in the maroon robe.

“I saw glimpses of your daughter’s future,” he began, “and it was grander than anything I had ever seen. I plan to rule the galaxy and I don’t know need anyone in my way.”

“You said I could be with her,” Norra managed to say.

“Jakku is a harsh world. I needed her chances of living to be as slim as possible.”

Her head dropped even lower. As she heard his footsteps fade away she raised her gaze and looked toward the spot where she had last seen her screaming daughter. She could only hope that her Little Rey could prove the man wrong.


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