Knowing Secrets

Everett Ross could barely believe this Ulysses Klaue. Years and years of villainy had made him untrustworthy.

But he spoke of Wakanda’s secrets with such passion and sureness that Ross began to really heed his words.

“I used to think Wakanda was just a myth, and that their resources were too,” Klaue continued. “But it’s all true. They are the wealthiest country on Earth, maybe in the universe.”

“The universe?” Everett questioned.

“Vibranium is the most powerful metal ever known and it came from space. A meteor crashed on Africa and the people living there claimed it.”

“So you’re saying that the Wakandans have an alien material that just might be the strongest in…space?”

“You catch on pretty quickly,” Klaue said with a wink.

“Now I have a question? Where did you learn all of this?”

“A Wakandan told me years ago, before I infiltrated their country. And they’re dead now.” Klaue laughed. “They like to keep secrets close to their chest.”


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