Finn vs. Phasma

(Foreword by The Writer)

The Finn/Captain Phasma rivalry was one of the more enjoyable aspects of the current ‘Star Wars’ trilogy but it never amassed to something truly epic. The final duel between the two characters, in fact, is a bit underwhelming (unfortunately) and so I’m going to share with you my version of the imminent fight. Enjoy!)

Rose picked up the nearest blaster she could find and looked to see Captain Phasma standing a few yards away.

“Finn!” she screamed.

Finn turned. Rose shot at the captain but her armor deflected the blaster shot, causing Rose to retreat. Finn ignited the electric baton he was holding and charged Phasma with an angered yell. The chrome trooper unfurled a spear and prepared herself for the onslaught.

Phasma swiped at his head but he managed to duck. He performed a quick upper swing and she blocked the attack. He was surprised at how strong she was as she pushed him backward. It took all of his strength to block her angered blow.

She began to perform a flurry of attacks; downward swing, sideswipe, uppercut, thrust, but he, surprisingly, blocked them all.

With his turn on the offensive he swung at her chrome helmet but she locked weapons with him.

“You will pay for your insolence!” she spat.

“Good luck, buckethead,” he retorted.

She grunted, pushing him backward. She attacked with even more lethal force, every swing directed entirely to kill him. He ducked and swung, parried and attacked, but he couldn’t get past her defense.

As he blocked a near deadly attack he found himself at the edge of the floor. He looked down and saw an elevator coming toward him. An idea suddenly came to his mind.

He managed to grab Phasma and together they fell onto the lifting platform. Before she could fully recover he unleashed a furious attack upon her. He pushed her further and further toward the edge but as she suddenly realized what he was doing she shoved him backward. He blocked her downward blow and she kicked him in the leg.

He yelled as he fell.

“You traitorous scum,” she seethed before thrusting her spear toward his exposed throat.

He managed to roll away just in time. Her spear impaled itself in the floor where he had been just a moment before. He didn’t hesitate.

“More like rebel scum,” he said. He then swung the baton with all of his might. It caught her directly in the helmet and she was knocked off the platform with an angered scream into the fiery depths below.

Finn stared at the space where she just been. Captain Phasma, his tormentor, was defeated and it was by his hand. A sense of accomplishment overcame him as the truth of that reality began to sink in.

He suddenly heard Rose call his name and as he saw her riding the Walker with BB-8 a smile came to his face. He liked being a rebel.





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