A Beautiful World

A group of space travelers are having a brief respite on a planet named Burbles. To some people they would seem like an eclectic band of rowdy compatriots but to most they are known as the Guardians of the Galaxy.

And of course, they were arguing.

“This planet is called Burbles. How many times do I have to keep telling you that?” Rocket exclaimed.

“No, it’s Bubbles,” Peter Quill said. “Honestly Rocket, when will you ever learn?”

“If this planet was called Bubbles then why is it named Burbles in the map archives?”

“Maybe because you can’t read,” Peter retorted.

Drax chuckled.

“Can’t read?” Rocket made a rude gesture. “Well read this you son of a-”

“Bubbles!” exclaimed Mantis. “I love bubbles.”

Rocket put two hands to the side of his furry head. “If I hear the word “Bubbles” one more time!”

“I am Groot,” teenage Groot suddenly chimed in irritably.

“What do you mean I should shut up?” Rocket seethed.

Groot glared at the raccoon. “I. Am. Groot!”

Everyone gasped.

“That was not a nice thing to say Groot,” Peter commented.

Mantis put her hands over her ears. “I don’t like this type of language.”

Drax laughed. “I think I like this new Groot.”

Rocket growled. “Okay, you want to fight huh? Oh, we can fight.”

As teenage Groot and Rocket began to tussle Gamora didn’t even notice, for she was staring at the breathtaking world around her.

Floating rocks covered in diamonds of every imaginable color were linked together by bridges made of flowered vines. Waterfalls cascaded from the rocks and collected in vast pools of water that shimmered with the reflection of the diamonds.

Snow fell, making the world under the neon blue sky all the more ethereal.

Giant birds with massive wingspans the size of small spacecrafts and vibrantly colored feathers flew through the sky. Their screeching calls rang through the air, adding a sense of wonder to the already magical world.

Gamora smiled as she knelt and picked a flower, one with white and violet petals. She looked in the direction of her friends and her smile widened as she beheld Peter and Drax trying to break up Rocket and Groot from their meaningless brawl.

Even though they could be the most annoying companions at times she was glad to have them as friends so she could go on adventures and see beautiful worlds like this.



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