Rey’s Thoughts

Rey sat in the empty cockpit of the Millennium Falcon, her gaze taking in the blue streaks of hyperspace that surrounded the ship.

Even though she could hear the distant jovial chattering of the Resistance in the lobby she felt a sense of immense sorrow.

Through all of the years that she could remember she had convinced herself that her parents would return to find her on Jakku. It was the only thing that had motivated her to continue day by day finding scraps and striving to survive the hardships of Jakku.

But when Kylo Ren told her that her parents sold her into slavery and that they had died as mindless drunks it was as if her worst fear had been spoken into existence. Now she felt more alone than she ever had.

In her moment of solitude she began to cry and the more she wept the more painful the sobs became. It was as if she was releasing years of pent up sorrow in one moment.

“Rey?” suddenly came Finn’s voice from the doorway.

She couldn’t even respond. She just remained sitting in the cockpit shuddering with the strength of her sobbing. She heard Finn approach. Seconds later his arms wrapped around her in a warm embrace.

In most scenarios she would’ve pushed him away and gone off somewhere to be alone but today she appreciated the kind gesture. She needed it.

After sobbing for several long and painful minutes she was finally able to regain her composure. She looked into his dark brown eyes.

“Thank you,” she said.

He smiled. “Always.”

It was at that moment that she realized yes, her parents may be dead, but she had ended up getting the family she had always wanted. Finn was her family. And so was Leia and Poe and BB-8 and Chewbacca. They would always be there for her and that meant more to her than anything else in the world.


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